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Inventory management is one of the most important elements for businesses and a proper inventory management can make their job easier. While many businesses are struggling to keep up with daily demand fluctuations or failing to meet them, today’s technology like data science can make their lives simple.

Machine learning and predictive analytics can help companies analyze market, which eventually helps determine inventory levels and better drive their production schedule. A smart inventory management system can also help enterprises eliminate paper clutter forever. It brings advanced data visualization capabilities with smarter analytics and insights required to take important decisions.


  • Traditional inventory management in manufacturing
  • Limitations of traditional inventory management practices
  • Problems manufacturers face with traditional inventory management
  • What is Smart Inventory Management and how it overcomes the challenges that manufacturers face
  • Real-life examples and use cases
  • Core elements of this paradigm shift - Data Science and Machine Learning
  • How to get started
  • Q&A

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Harshil Shah

Harshil Shah

Data Scientist
Dhiren Raval

Dhiren Raval

Program Manager
Dhiren Raval

Keith Bennett

Engagement Manager