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Sitecore 9 - Pre-migration assessment at no cost

Are you planning to upgrade from your existing version of Sitecore to XP 9? Deciding whether or not you need the version and how to migrate all your data is not easy. Softweb Solutions can help you decide if it is a good fit for your company’s employees or customers. Our aim is to give enterprises clarity in terms of the deliverables and expectations when it comes to migrating to the latest version of Sitecore along with a precise estimate of the time required and a detailed report on other factors.

In the assessment program, our Sitecore certified developers will evaluate your existing Sitecore set up and follow this process.

  • Content audit
  • Customer journey maps and personas
  • Review and revamp information architecture
  • Define appropriate metrics and measurables
  • Technology audit

To know more, download our assessment guide.

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