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Top 3 migration approaches you need to upgrade to Sitecore 10

Be it a website, mobile device, social media platform, email, wearables or IoT devices – today’s customers expect to engage with brands on any channel, whenever they want. If that is not enough, they want brands to offer a personalized buying experience. Hence, brands today need their marketing teams to go a step further than simply launching a noticeable campaign by crafting compelling digital experiences that delight customers, which is not easy feat. To craft those personalized experiences, marketers need a tool that delivers contextual insights, data-informed updates and tailored experiences at the right time. Sitecore 10 does the exact thing.

“91% of customers prefer shopping with brands that offer personalization” – Accenture

With Sitecore 10, you can transform the way your brand understands and interacts with customers. Get a 360° view of the customer with Sitecore 10’s powerful audience analytics filters. It enables higher audience engagement and empowers you with segmentation insights and helps you to drive real-time personalization and tailored recommendations across channels. Sitecore 10’s centralized content hub offers more control on all content assets and its omnichannel distribution – website, mobile device, eCommerce platform, digital signage or the printed asset templates. These are just a couple of benefits of upgrading to Sitecore 10.

Upgrading to Sitecore 10 has a host of benefits as mentioned earlier. But the process can be dauting if you do not follow a proper approach. This whitepaper starts by talking about how understanding customer journey is more powerful than moments and the benefits of constructing a customer journey map. It also details three iterative approaches to upgrade to Sitecore 10, which are clean installation approach, incremental upgrade approach or using the express migration tool.

Furthermore, the document also explains the necessary steps in the upgrade, the challenges involved along with various actionable items in the migration process such as content migration, source code update, framework update and deployment.

The whitepaper elaborates the following:

  • Why one-to-one personalization is the holy grail
  • Upgrade process: from any Sitecore version to version 10
  • High-level pictorial representation of Sitecore version upgrade
  • Different approaches for Sitecore 10 upgrade

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