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SharePoint Based Collaboration Platform for Consulting and M&A Firm

The company had an existing Intranet portal which had been created in SharePoint 2007. This portal was being used by its staff for collaborative work but the platform was not being utilized to its full potential because of a lack of user friendly interface. It also lacked the features necessary to create additional requirements which SharePoint 2007 was not able to handle. We created an Intranet Portal for the company that was based on SharePoint 2013.

“SharePoint has proven to be a highly successful product, bringing billions of dollars of annual revenue to Microsoft” – Gartner

Business Benefits

  • Advanced Search Web Part
  • Fetches documents from the multiple subsites
  • Accessibility Standards Support
  • Active Directory Synchronization
  • Advanced Content Processing
  • Blogs and Wikis
  • Responsive Design

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