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Sentiment analysis of Twitter users – 11 Do’s and Don’ts

Sentiment analysis is the analysis of emotions, attitudes and opinions that are useful for making better business decisions. A lot of companies are carrying out sentiment analysis of Twitter users by deriving opinions from their tweets. The most important reason is to gauge how your brand is performing in the market and what your customers are saying about it. Also, with the help of tweets event detection, location detection and more can be performed seamlessly.

“If you don’t understand their emotions, you don’t understand your customers” – Forrester

Some of the companies build their own tools for sentiment analysis, while others hire expert data scientists to support them in making correct interpretations.

In this cheat sheet, you will get to know 11 essential steps that you need to implement in your Twitter sentiment analysis program.

  • What is sentiment analysis?
  • Why Python is ideal for Twitter Sentiment Analysis
  • How to effectively perform sentiment analysis using Twitter data

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