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Case Study


Web-based inventory management system for a heart devices company

HeartWare is a medical device company that specializes in providing modern life-saving tools and technology to patients with a heart problem. It has introduced innovative technologies that help heart patients to get back to life. They wanted an attractive inventory management tool that would enable them to make their business operations smooth. The main objective of this web-based application was to manage and record device movement and usage. It was expected to make the flow on information easier between hospitals and HeartWare employees.

“Inventory management improves service level by 50%, reduces cost by 32%, increase revenue by 14% and marketshare by 5%” -Supply Chain Quarterly

The app has the following features:

  • Facilitates the automation of tracking HeartWare products.
  • Records device movement and usage.
  • Works as an inventory management tool.
  • Enables automatic report generation.

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