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Powerful Portal Development to Optimize Business Operations

Quest, a leader in resource management solutions, required a web application that to help them operate their business smoothly and be able to deliver effective services. To ease information flow for their vendors and managers, they required two separate web portals.

“Overall, 54 percent of small businesses have a website and 24 percent out of the rest 46 percent are planning to get one”

The Vendor portal enables effective communication with the Quest team, while the manager portal helps Quest staff members to allocate and maintain their workflow. Built in .NET with MVC architectures, we were able to provide fluid portals that benefit the client’s vendors as well as their employees.

  • The portals help Quest attract more business
  • Easy to use portal that saves time by enabling communication with all vendors at the same time
  • Tiny errors are automatically reflected which enables to maintain an accurate system
  • Quest staff members can manage various vendors in different industries and locations
  • The users receive analytical reports that enable to simplify their internal process
  • User-friendly portal facilitates smooth business operations and work processes
  • Both portals make work simple for Quest admin users, Quest staff members, and their vendors

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