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Rajat Modi

Rajat Modi

Lead Analyst,

Softweb Solutions

About Event

IoT has proved its potential in the technology landscape. IoT platform has now become a requirement for enterprises rather than something nice-to-have. However, out of a range of IoT platforms in the market, which one would be suitable for your business? Should you go for an open-source platform or a proprietary one? This event is going to answer exactly that.

During this event, attendees will be introduced to the ins and outs of IoT platforms. The speaker will discuss various components that build any IoT platform and make you aware about which ones your business can benefit from. The event will also showcase the open-source IoT architecture and show the difference between open-source and proprietary IoT platform. After attending the event, attendees will have a clear idea about what IoT platform can do for their business and which IoT platform will address their business requirement.


  • Overview of IoT platform
  • Components of IoT platform
  • Open-source IoT architecture diagram
  • IoT platform: open-source vs. proprietary IoT
  • Use cases: PaaS & SaaS models
  • Demo
  • Q&A