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5 Reasons for Manufacturers to Switch Over to Office 365

Manufacturers who are already using Microsoft technologies are well- suited to take advantage of Office 365. This is because the employees are already familiar with the Microsoft tools and even the company’s existing IT infrastructure can be converted to handle Office 365 without increasing the operating costs.

Companies that are still using on-premises software, or as is increasingly the case now, using a hybrid approach, can now complete their transition to the cloud with Office 365.


“Companies that shifted to Office 365 saw a savings of 13% in third-party licenses and software costs” – Forrester Research


Office 365 is much more extensive than any other open source tool and migrating to it is much easier as compared to open source applications since this involves moving from one Microsoft product to another.

Once employees start using the cloud platform, it becomes easier to track inventory, coordinate logistics with supply chain partners, increase employee productivity and achieve better collaboration no matter where the employees are located.

In this white paper, we will cover how the latest version of Office 365 is ideal for manufacturers because of the five key benefits that it offers.

  • Reduction in technology related expenses
  • Increased mobility for all employees
  • Helps in achieving compliance
  • Real-time communication made possible for employees
  • Quick access to reports for better Business Intelligence

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