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Mobile Strategy: Deciding between Hiring vs. Outsourcing

Mobile solutions are increasingly being implemented by enterprises from all industries. But before getting started on your mobile project, there are a few objectives that need to be clarified. One of the most important questions that decision makers need to consider is whether the app or solutions should be developed in-house or should the project be outsourced.

In this whitepaper, you will find a short summary of the advantages involved in outsourcing a comprehensive and effective mobile strategy along with many challenges at the same time.

“In 2000, the total revenue generated by outsourcing was $45.6 billion and it reached $88.9 billion in 2015.” – Statista

Topics covered in this free white paper are:

  • Introduction to Mobile Strategy
  • Hiring someone to address the needs
  • Skillset required
  • The key factors to get the maximum
  • Strategic considerations

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