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An Innovative Mobile App Offering Discounts on Different Liquor Brands

BevBucks works with the Beverage and Restaurant industries to create opportunities to try great new drinks at fun locations. BevBucks needed a mobile app showing discounts on liquor brands available nearer to customer’s location. Softweb delivered a mobile app which suits their requirements. Customers can buy any brands from their mobile devices and enjoy their drink just by redeeming vouchers.

“By 2020, smart agents will facilitate 40% of mobile interactions, and the post-app era will begin to dominate.” -Gartner

Business Benefits

  • Quickly find out the specific drink nearby location
  • Save money and time by getting discounts on liquor brands nearby areas
  • Share information through social networking sites, SMS, and Emails
  • Instantly redeem vouchers and enjoy specific drink
  • Easily place order for home delivery
  • User become aware about new offers as notification is sent

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