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How to overcome the challenges of Industry 4.0 using AI

Industry 4.0 represents the latest revolution in the manufacturing industry. It has the potential to transform production, design, supply chain, logistics and several other processes of manufacturing. But the question is, when this technology is capable of transforming the manufacturing workplace, why is it still not in full swing? The technology may seem to offer limitless opportunity, but there are some major hurdles in its implementation. AI helps to eradicate these potential challenges that manufacturing companies face before implementing this transformative technology.

"Today only one-fifth of industrial companies have digitized their processes, in five years’ time, 85% of companies will have implemented Industry 4.0 solutions. "- PWC

In this whitepaper, we will discuss some of the key challenges to Industry 4.0 initiatives, how AI can effectively address these issues, along with some real-life use cases.

In this whitepaper, you will learn about:

  • Challenges to Industry 4.0 initiatives
  • How AI plays a vital role in overcoming these challenges
  • Optimizing manufacturing process with AI
  • Some amazing real-life use cases of AI for Industry 4.0 based manufacturers
  • Roadmap to a successful implementation of AI
  • The right approach to adopt AI

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