The Internet of Things is driving a major change in the business world today. Every company is implementing IoT in one or the other form in its business. Are you amongst the people who tend to develop and use IoT solution? If you are, it’s time for you to polish your technical skills. Softweb Solutions is back with another one-day workshop to educate developers and technocrats about the opportunities offered by IoT.

The workshop will be conducted under the guidance of Microsoft to provide you with a firm understanding of most popular and widely used IoT solutions in the market. We will also be showcasing Intel's IoT hardware, Microsoft Power BI, and the power of Microsoft Azure IoT suite.

Why you should attend this workshop

Softweb Solutions has designed this workshop to share its knowledge on IoT with everlearning technical minds to help them develop responsive and adaptive IoT solutions. The workshop also includes an introduction to Azure IoT suite along with the first-hand experience of working with exciting scenarios to explain the technicalities involved in an IoT solution.

A demonstration of the power of Azure IoT suite with Intel's IoT kit and sensors is also the part of the workshop. In the end, we will show you how you can connect devices to IoT suite and generate insights with Power BI.

As a part of this workshop, all you need to do is just bring your laptops with you.

Who will be benefited the most

  • Developers working on IoT solutions
  • Dev managers interested in cloud technologies


Rajat Modi

Rajat Modi

Lead Analyst,

Softweb Solutions