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IoT-based smart farming system to help farmers save water

Headquartered in Chicago, the client is one of the best farm equipment manufacturing companies in the U.S. that produces a wide range of high quality agricultural equipment and delivers the best customer service to agricultural companies across the world.

The increasing number of water disputes and issues in farming industries has created a huge demand for a smart irrigation system that can conserve water. To cater to this demand, the company wanted to develop an IoT-based irrigation system. We built a smart farming solution that can facilitate remote monitoring of soil moisture content, reduction in water usage and automated release and stoppage of water supply as per the moisture content.

“California is going through a severe drought for the sixth year in row. 102 million trees have died. Three-fourth of the state is still under drought conditions with southern California still facing an exceptional drought. ”

Key Features:

  • Push notifications
  • Real-time monitoring of the water usage
  • Comprehensive water consumption reports
  • Remote access and control of the irrigation system

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