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Inventory and Order Management App

Fujifilm wanted to have an order management and inventory tracking solution to do various routine activities such as manage orders, communicate with customers, and run all the necessary reports quickly. Softweb created a solution which ensures all the above functions along with tagging, inventory, reporting for their specific consignments, etc. In short, the solution helped them to have an efficient management of their inventory. The application also facilitates them with instant messaging to those involved with consignment management practices in the organization.

“In 2016 an estimated 37.5 million people in the U.S. (19% of smartphone users) will transact with their phones at the point of sale, which equates to an approximate 61% year-over-year increase.” -PFS Web

Enterprise Benefits:

  • Simplifies communication within the department.
  • Better collaboration among sales personnel.
  • iPad app mobilizing and simplifying the order management
  • Admin portal to manage the users and review all orders and consignments.
  • Provides instant information on products and its orders while on the go.
  • Enables sales persons to take orders easily while on field work.

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