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Collaborative Intranet Portal for Absolute Operational Efficiency

Holland LP, a railway supplier, wanted an effective way to circulate information within its own corporate network. Therefore, they desired to develop an Intranet that would engage various teams, individuals, and divisions to stay updated on company’s news and contribute individual views to benefit everyone else. After understanding their requirement, Softweb developed a highly collaborative intranet portal that allows cohesion across organization, keeping the employees totally engaged and well informed.

“Companies that engage with their customers via social media have more loyal customers. Better yet, customers who engage with a brands online report spending 20% to 40% more on that brand, or on that company's products.”Inc, Bain

Business Benefits

The collaborative features of intranet portal provide the company to have absolute control over their organizational activities.

  • FaEnhances employee interaction and communication
  • Promotes a sense of community with a social network
  • LDAP user authentication while login.
  • Streamlines project management and training material updates
  • Reduces email overload to update staff with recent news
  • Document collaboration, analytics and impact metrics, social search, etc.
  • Reduces email overload by sharing important information online

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