Anand Bhavsar

Anand Bhavsar

Technical Consultant,

Softweb Solutions

Nihar Sharma

Nihar Sharma

Technical Analyst,

Softweb Solutions

About Webinar

Today, in the modern era, running a successful business revolves around the right use of technology. For several years, Salesforce has enabled small and medium-sized businesses to turn into larger companies by providing full-fledged services that help to gain a competitive advantage.

Unfortunately, as companies grow, they are sometimes unable to tap into the true potential of the Salesforce platform. Thus, many users realize they are missing out on advanced capabilities that can bring them better ROI.

Due to the extensible nature of the Salesforce platform, transformative technologies like IoT and AI can be integrated with Salesforce to achieve the next level of customer relationship management.

Whether you are already a Salesforce user or have plans to adopt it, join our webinar and learn from our technical experts on how you can transform your business using the full potential of Salesforce. You will learn industry-specific use cases pertaining to major Salesforce products: CPQ, FSL and Einstein, along with the massive benefits of integrating AI and IoT within your Salesforce implementation.

Webinar agenda

  • Introduction to Salesforce
  • Salesforce ecosystem
  • Roadblocks of Salesforce implementation
  • Industry-specific use cases with IoT and AI
  • Live demo
  • Q&A

Questions & Answers

The following are the answers to the questions that were asked during the live webinar.

Question 1: Do you have to be a developer to integrate other IoT capabilities in Salesforce platform?

Answer 1: Salesforce is a user-friendly platform and designed in a way that even an organization without an extensive IT department can start using it to meet their needs. However, in the case of integrating other third-party IoT capabilities in the Salesforce platform, you will require the help of experienced Salesforce developer in IoT to find a workaround.

Question 2: If on the older version of Salesforce Classic, how to integrate AI and IoT capabilities to boost customer experience?

Answer 2: Salesforce Classic is limited to providing full-fledged customer experience, but with the Salesforce lightning platform, an enterprise can start building instant customer experiences on solid grounds of AI and IoT.

From getting customer’s critical data, streaming data, and suggesting assistance to customers, the lightning platform is more advanced in performing these actions. Read our blog on key operational areas improved with Field Service Lightning. Solutions can be applied even before the customer raises a complaint. We suggest organizations should no longer delay in upgrading to the lightning platform and start reaping its true benefits.

Question 3: Can Salesforce be connected with other IoT platforms?

Answer 3: Yes, sure Salesforce CRM can be connected to other IoT platforms such as Amazon Web Services IoT, Azure IoT, or Softweb’s IoTConnect platform. Integrating Salesforce with any IoT platform will provide you the ability to process an enormous amount of data and make it actionable across the cloud.

Question 4: Which devices work with Salesforce?

Answer 4: Salesforce platform uses RESTful API; therefore, it has all the potential to capture data from any source system that is connected to Salesforce, including any complex network or simpler wearables.

Question 5: How can we deliver IoT insights to field employees using Salesforce?

Answer 5: The Salesforce lightning component can be added to Salesforce Lightning record pages to deliver IoT insights. Salesforce Lightning is quite powerful in delivering IoT insights including cases, work orders, and assets.

Here’s a use case: Here’s a use case: data that is generated by your connected devices can get directly reflected into the Salesforce CRM profile, therefore, your field service workers do not miss out on valuable information. Moreover, every time your field service worker visits the customer’s site – they are fully equipped with all the necessary documentation and data that is easily available through the mobile app. Additionally, you can also check out how Salesforce FSL is redefining field service operations.