About DSAC

We are a group of passionate and interesting people, dedicated to discuss data science, data mining, machine learning, machine intelligence, deep learning, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, NLP, statistical analysis and more.


The event will introduce attendees to IBM Watson and Watson Data Platform. Watson is an IBM supercomputer that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and sophisticated analytical software to deliver optimal performance as a “question answering” machine. On the other hand, Watson Data Platform empowers data-driven professionals to find new and unforeseen insights that deliver results that can transform businesses. The event will discuss how data engineers, data scientists, and developers can make use of Watson Data Platform to gain business-changing results.


  • Introduction to Watson
  • An overview of Watson Data Platform
    • -   For the Data Engineer
    • -   For the Data Scientist
    • -   For the Application Developer
    • -   For the Business Analyst
  • Watson Analytics Demo – Natural Language Query Predictive Analytics and Data Visualization
  • Q&A session

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Lillian Taylor

Lillian Taylor

Director, Predictive Analytics & BI Consulting,

Global IBM Watson Data Platform