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Ishit Vohra

Ishit Vohra

Project Manager

Softweb Solutions


In our last meetup, we talked about machine learning and how an ML platform can enhance your decision-making capabilities. However, what’s the next step? How can one add more value to his business and get even better results? Now, that’s something every stakeholder in any sector might be concerned about. The answer is Azure Machine Learning.

So, what is Azure Machine Learning, and what makes it a unique offering in the machine learning space? To answer all your queries and empower you with the benefits, the best-fit features for organizations and how it can help you in discovering new opportunities, we are back with another meetup.

The meetup will be focused on Azure Machine Learning Studio, the algorithms used and how it can be implemented in your business. Apart from these, our other points of focus shall be;


  • What is Azure Machine Learning Studio
  • Why use Azure ML for your business
  • Algorithm Classes
  • Use-case
  • Demo
  • Q/A