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Recommender systems are a must-have for anyone who wants to get a slice of the lucrative online market. These systems can help your website visitors find relevant products and services by displaying personalized recommendations. If you think that recommender systems are just for the big guys such as Facebook, Amazon and LinkedIn, then you are in for a pleasant surprise.

We will show you how any business with an online presence and an extensive product lineup can benefit from recommender systems. With the right team of data mining and machine learning experts you can build your customized model that gives your website visitors a system that has a high degree of accuracy and is easy to use for you.


  • What are recommender systems?
  • Different types of recommender systems
  • Problems manufacturers face with traditional inventory management
  • Difficulties of building the right system and how to overcome them
  • How a customized recommender system can benefit your business
  • Q&A

Meet Our Representatives

Harshil Shah

Harshil Shah

Data Scientist
Dhiren Raval

Dhiren Raval

Program Manager