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How HoloLens is transforming the construction, engineering & real estate industries

Microsoft HoloLens is a totally unchained see-through holographic computer that helps users to experience 3D holographic images as though they are a part of their environment.

HoloLens when integrated with Microsoft Cognitive APIs (Vision, Emotion, and Speech) can make the device intelligent. For example, the Vision API can be integrated to do object detection and analysis. The Cognitive APIs can also analyze how the HoloLens users are interacting with the device.

You can avail gazed inputs on where they gazed the most and what they spoke which can be very helpful to civil engineers and realtors to understand the customer’s feedback/reaction, gain proper product recommendations and support in the complete product development.

In this whitepaper, we will cover the following points:

  • Introduction to Microsoft HoloLens
  • How HoloLens is easing the challenges of construction and real estate industries
  • Microsoft HoloLens and cognitive services
  • Use cases – how HoloLens helps construction and real estate industries
  • Why should you adopt HoloLens

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