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Digital Twin – Starting the journey

The notion of a digital twin signifies the confluence between the physical and the digital world. A digital twin integrates artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and the Internet of Things. The extensive range and use of the Internet of Things have made the digital twins accessible and economical for the industrial world. It has a great impact on providing an enhanced customer experience in the business. Digital twins are also altering how the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and analytics are optimized. The digital twin brings stationary objects into the digital world by means of data from sensors to display current status, speed, and other vital statistics.

"Digital twins are becoming a business imperative, covering the entire lifecycle of an asset or process and forming the foundation for connected products and services. Companies that fail to respond will be left behind."- Thomas Kaiser, SAP Senior Vice President of IoT

In this document, you will learn about:

  • Significance of digital twin
  • How to start building a digital twin
  • Steps to get started with the digital twin
  • Detailed description of the steps to get started with the digital twin

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