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Redefining fleet management and reporting for Modagrafics

Modagrafics is a leader when it comes to large-format printing and vehicle fleet branding. The company was in search of a fleet management and coordination solution, without which the tracking of the graphic kits and maintenance of the record of contractors and their agencies became a tedious task. They also required an ordering tool and reporting tool for one of its clients.

“Modagrafics was founded in 1973; today it is a leader in its segment and its annual revenue is over 15 million USD.”

Softweb developed an enterprise mobility solution to enhance Modagrafics’ fleet operations. Also, for ordering tool, Softweb came up with a solution in the form of a website that would allow Modagrafics’ client to place orders and get details regarding current and past orders.

Key features of the enterprise mobility solution:

  • Common platform for fleet owners and installers
  • Power BI-based data visualization
  • Location-based notifications
  • Auto report scheduler

Key features of ordering tool:

  • Kit status/availability
  • Job status tracking
  • Order history
  • Accurate and real-time updates

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