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From Internet of Things to Big Data, we now shift our focus on the User Experience and UI Design aspects.

Responsive Design is not a new concept; it’s been around since 2010, but most businesses have yet to fully utilize its innovative potential. As more of the world’s consumers are interacting on their mobile devices, Responsive Design for a company’s branding is becoming a mandatory staple. In this Meet Up, we talk about the importance of Responsive Design to reach everyone who uses their smartphones every hour and every day.

We will zero in on topics like user experience, service design and marketability of having websites mobile friendly to keep businesses relevant and reaching those elusive Millennials. What is the future of Responsive Design, and how can we keep the experience pleasing and engaging? What methods fail and what works? And how do we convince those who are behind, that the future of keeping an audience’s attention begins with adapting our information to everyone’s mobile utilization behaviors? Service Design, Flat UI and Material UI are just some of the current design trends in mobility in which we’ll discuss.


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