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Case Study


Providing Real-Time Data with the Internet of Things for Sutron

Sutron Corporation is a leader in providing real-time remote monitoring of Hydro-Met/Oceanic control systems and stations. Sutron products are designed to gather, store, transmit, and host data collected from remote sites.

Softweb Solutions created web and mobile based solutions that connect with the X-Link logger device to pull Hydro-Met/Oceanic data from all their sensors for a smooth flow of information. We also created a web version for access through PCs and web-based browsers.

The IoT solutions we delivered help Sutron gather sensor-related information and provide faster control to their employees.

“By 2020 the IoT Will Include 26 Billion Units, Creating New Challenges for All Aspects of the Data Center” -Gartner

Benefits of the solution provided:

  • Data gathering for further analysis
  • Simple dashboard for all data types
  • Remote measurement and operations
  • Easy to use UI offering optimal experience
  • Significant reduction in time taken to fetch information from various sensors

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