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Ishit Vohra

Ishit Vohra

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Vibhu Bhutani

Chief Strategist,

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About Event

Today the business world is governed by sensors and the amount of data flowing in this sensors-occupied business sector is tremendous. Deriving values from the humungous data pool is tricky in itself.

Edge analytics offers a way to derive value from data in a way that's faster, simpler and in many cases, more practical. However, to achieve better results from an IoT-oriented business, Edge Analytics has a new wingman by its side - EdgeX Foundry.

Edgex Foundry is an open source project to build a common open framework for IoT edge computing and an ecosystem of interoperable components that unifies the marketplace and accelerates enterprise and Industrial IoT.

To showcase the strength of EdgeX Foundry with Edge analytics, Softweb Solutions welcomes you to its latest event on March 28, 2018. The event will focus on the advantages of Edgex Foundry and the application of more traditional analytics, and why many organizations are beginning to seek the ability of Edgex Foundry along with the following agenda;


  • Defining Edge Analytics
  • Why is Edge Analytics becoming extremely relevant?
  • Network speed revolution and Edge Analytics
  • Edgex Foundry as Edge Analytics
  • Edgex Foundry Architecture
  • Demo
  • Q&A

Questions & Answers

The following are the answers to the questions that were asked during the Event.

Question 1: How does Edge analytics / Edgex Foundry lower the costs?

Answer 1: A big amount of bandwidth and storage is required to send sensor data in a huge amount to the cloud. However, Edge analytics provides you with the capability to send only required data by aggregating it. This as a result allows you to store less data and a reduced bandwidth consumption making it more cost effective compared to storing everything on cloud.

Question 2: How does edge analytics work with ATM machine?

Answer 2:Edge Analytics is embedded within participating banks’ customer channels, such as online banking, ATM, SMS, and mobile banking. When the bank’s customers access their account on these channels, Edge Analytics uses transactional and other contextual data feeds to better understand customer transaction behavior and preferences, for example, to detect a customer’s transaction location in real-time, or infer the transaction category and spend pattern, preferred shopping location, preferred restaurant or cuisine.

Question 3: How many types of Dell gateways are there and what are their costs?

Answer 3: There are two types Dell gateways available in the market namely, Dell Edge 300x series and Dell Edge 5000 series. If we talk about costs, then Dell 300x series starts from $456 and on the other hand, Dell 5000 series starts from $899.

Also, Dell allows you to customize your gateway depending upon your application; however, the cost of customization varies on the basis of the add-ons you want in your gateway.

Question 4: How do Dell Edge gateways communicate with devices?

Answer 4:Dell Edge gateways are designed to provide you with smooth connectivity and ease down the processes they are involved in. Depending on your infrastructure and implementation, Dell gateways communicate with devices via the protocols like;

•  ZigBee
•  BLE

Question 5: How can we build reports/analytics on top of Edgex Foundry?

Answer 5: With EdgeX Foundry, we have to develop custom reports. However, our available solution works on top of EdgeX Foundry and provides all configuration, management and other important reports to you.

Question 6: How can you access Edgex foundry?

Answer 6: EdgeX Foundry is a collection of more than a dozen microservices that are deployed to provide minimal edge platform capability. EdgeX Foundry microservice source code can be downloaded and built into deployment artifacts, but if you are not a developer, or if you do not have a specific need to run EdgeX Foundry "natively”, you do not need to download source code. Users have the easier option to use Docker and run EdgeX Foundry in microservice Docker containers. EdgeX Foundry microservices are automatically built and containerized as new code is checked into the source repository. Therefore, "Dockerized" EdgeX Foundry is not only easier to obtain and deploy to your environment, but also has the most up-to-date EdgeX Foundry microservices.

To obtain and run EdgeX Foundry, perform the following steps:

•  Install Dockers and Dockers Compose
•  Download EdgeX Foundry Compose File
•  Run EdgeX using Compose commands