Gary Kent Ramsey

Gary Kent Ramsey

Sr. Engagement Manager,

Softweb Solutions

About Webinar

“Digital Transformation”: it’s a phrase that’s hard to ignore in today's world of IT.

Moore’s Law is a constant reminder that semiconductor technology is changing every eighteen months. We are living in a world of continuous evolution and constant flux due to new advancements in IT. Embracing digital transformation is essential for any business to survive in the next decade (2020 and beyond) which is barely ten months away.

Digital Transformation, using technologies such as IoT, big data, augmented reality, extended reality, and artificial intelligence/machine learning have all impacted the way we do business now and into the future.

So, what is a digital transformation? Why is it important for your business? How will the digital transformation impact your business? And, how do you embrace digital transformation?

Our webinar will answer these questions and more. And, we hope the time spent with us will benefit you to excel in this competitive market.


  • Digital transformation 101
  • Challenges businesses face
  • Evolution of the technologies
  • Real-life examples of successful digital transformation
  • Use cases
  • Q&A