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Till now, most buildings, whether commercial or residential, were being controlled and monitored by monolithic and domain-specific systems. In an era where almost everything is Internet-driven, the monitoring of a building must not be left behind. Luckily, IoT is here to the rescue. The technology has found its way into buildings and is rapidly transforming ordinary buildings into Smart Buildings.

With the help of powerful platforms, built on standard IT environments, building managers can get powerful analytics and visualizations to drive energy efficiency, comfort, and interactivity with the occupants. The event will be focused on how analytics and data visualization can help you to pull out essential data, which in turn can help you in achieving the above-mentioned benefits and more. We will also discuss our perspectives on IoT and how it is transforming commercial buildings.


  • Why we need Smart Buildings
  • Traditional building system v/s IoT system
  • Make your buildings smart through IoT and Big Data analytics
  • Use cases of smart buildings
  • Q & A session

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Vibhu Bhutani

Vibhu Bhutani

Chief Strategist,

Softweb Solutions