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Cortana Intelligence is a bundle of software services from Microsoft to suit the needs of today’s businesses. Through its multiple integrated products, enterprisers can create robust and scalable BI solutions in a secure manner. Cortana Intelligence is a powerful tool to build intelligence and custom advanced analytics solution for your business. Enterprisers can benefit from a fully managed, end-to-end platform to store and manage structured data, design and publish predictive models, and run production processes smoothly.

At Softweb Solutions, we help enterprisers implement and benefit from Cortana Intelligence. Our two-hour Event will cover the basics of how to do this and understand Cortana’s machine learning services and capabilities.


  • Introduction to Cortana Intelligence
  • Azure services that are a part of Cortana Intelligence
  • Industry adoption and success stories of Cortana
  • Power BI
  • Azure Machine Learning
  • Demo
  • Q&A

Meet Our Representative

Rajat Modi

Rajat Modi

Lead Analyst,

Softweb Solutions