Microsoft Corporation, Aon Center, 200 E Randolph St, Chicago, IL


Chad Dirks

Chad Dirks

Engagement Director,

Softweb Solutions

Prasad Bhojak

Prasad Bhojak

Enterprise Solutions Manager,

Softweb Solutions Inc

About Event

The Cortana Analytics Suite is being adopted by businesses across all sectors due to its capabilities. It can help companies improve their production processes, carry out predictive maintenance resulting in maximized machine uptime, create higher quality products as well as deliver better customer service. But for the uninitiated, the services included in it can be confusing and overwhelming.

At Softweb Solutions, we have been helping companies take advantage of Cortana’s abilities and in this two-hour workshop we will cover the basics of what is available in the Cortana Analytics Suite, what you can do with it and how Cortana’s machine learning services can help your business.


  • Introduction to Cortana Analytics Suite
  • Azure services that are a part of Cortana Analytics Suite
  • Industry adoption and success stories of Cortana
  • Power BI
  • Azure Machine Learning
  • Demo
  • Q&A