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OTTO is a leading designer and manufacturer of electrical products used in diverse industries such as aviation, construction, and even the military. It has two divisions – OTTO Controls and OTTO Communications.

The company had a broad product lineup on various websites and faced various challenges. The key ones were -

  • Content management team had no access to a multisite management tool
  • Websites did not meet the responsive design standard
  • Product showcase was not optimized
  • No CRM integration
  • IT admins had to do everything manually

Softweb Solutions helped OTTO by migrating all the company websites to Sitecore Cloud on Microsoft Azure. We also developed cross-platform product catalog application to help sales representatives conduct meetings and presentations anywhere. Our solutions have helped OTTO in enhancing the customer experience across all channels, increase visitors, conversions and built a better, more integrated marketing platform.

Key highlights:

  • Easy to manage multilingual websites
  • Content reusability & content versioning
  • A unified content management system that saves a lot of time
  • Product catalog with advanced search capability
  • Personalized user experiences

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