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A Radar Detector App that Warns Drivers of Speed Traps and Red-light Camera Locations

Cobra Electronics Corporation already had a range of radar detectors in the market. But the company wanted to give its users an easy-to-use interface that would make the detector more user-friendly.

The company decided to create a mobile app that would connect with the company’s existing range of radar detector systems. Softweb Solutions developed an iPhone app for Cobra Electronics Corporation – the iRadar app. The app connects to the Cobra iRadar series of radar detectors. This mobile app warns drivers about upcoming speed cameras, red-lights and even dangerous intersections on the road.

“517,285 (and counting) people are killed in traffic accidents in 2016”-Icebike

Key benefits

  • All radar and laser alerts are displayed on the iPhone.
  • Automatically provides accurate electronic speed and direction headings.
  • Gives the ability to configure the iRadar unit through the smartphone.
  • Access to the iRadar Community to share alerts and locations in real time.
  • Access to Cobra’s database of verified camera locations.

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