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IoT Based Smart Building Solution to Reduce Energy and Operational Costs

Building management has become one of the top most concerns for building owners due to the constant increase in energy consumption, rising operational costs and shrinking budgets. This white paper talks about the growing pressures faced by commercial buildings, while also debunking the myth that a Building Automation System is reserved for the biggest of companies with humungous budgets. Learn how our IoT based Softweb Smart Building solution can address these issues at an affordable cost.

"40% of the world's energy use is from buildings"- WBCSD

In this white paper you will learn about:

  • The purpose of Softweb Smart Building
  • Building Automation Challenges
  • Softweb Smart Building to the rescue!
  • Advantages and Benefits
  • Key Components
  • Solution Capabilities
  • Key Features of Softweb Smart Building

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