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Case Study


Developing Building Automation Applications using IoT for a Commercial Building

A financial services company operating in a ten story commercial building and housing an active staff of 1,900 employees was concerned about their energy usage, security as well as parking issues. The Smart Building solution uses mobility, sensors and the cloud, and gives a low-cost building manager with remote monitoring and programming.

“Smart commercial buildings will be the highest user of Internet of Things (IoT) until 2017, after which smart homes will take the lead with just over 1 billion connected things in 2018” -Gartner

The building manager is able to view and adjust system settings as needed to efficiently maintain comfort levels in the building while the security system keeps track of visitors. Also, parking sensors automate space availability and utilization for the entire premises, solving the parking issue faced by the employees.

Business Benefits:

  • Device management and role-based access
  • Sensors collect data which is presented visually for analysis
  • Reduced installation costs with the help of low cost sensors
  • Reduced energy consumption and resultant cost due to data analysis
  • Mobile / web access to equipment information reduces maintenance costs
  • Security optimization with three factor authentication

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