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Case Study


Softweb Solutions develops bots for a manufacturer to facilitate supply chain management

A manufacturer of packaged food required a reliable and easy-to-understand solution to facilitate supply chain management. It needed a solution that can effectively be used to manage all the tasks that are normally carried out in a manufacturing unit and is easy to understand for all the employees of the company.

Softweb Solutions created multiple bots and integrated them within the communication channels of the company. These bots send out messages with important information and automate tasks to save up on time as well as costs.

“Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) mean that bots are increasingly capable of not just helping office workers perform tasks more efficiently, but in some cases, take over that role completely.”

The bots that we developed for the food company helps it with purchase orders, planning, manufacturing, inventory, QA, distribution and in shipping. These bots are helping the company increase the efficiency of its employees and also produce higher quality products.

Business Benefits:

  • Simplifies workflows
  • Offers real-time updates
  • Sends alerts and reminders
  • Automates tasks

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