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Big Data Storage and Analysis in Hadoop for a Retail Solutions Provider

A retail solution provider specializing in footfall measurement serves numerous businesses. With an expansive and ever-growing customer base and an explosion of user-generated data, their existing data warehousing system was proving to be too expensive to store complex data from various sources.

“Retailers Need Advanced Analytic Capabilities to Compete in the Digitalized Marketplace.” -Gartner

They required collation of larger quantities of data with newer data sources to predict trends and forecast demands for their clients. To ease data management and processing, Softweb chose Hadoop for its scalability, fault-tolerance and robust backup and security.


  • Generate thorough reports for analysis
  • Device independent role-based access system
  • Integrate data sources to the client’s existing system
  • Traffic patterns, transactions and conversions analysis
  • Predictive analysis helps increase traffic conversions and transaction size

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