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4 ways augmented reality results in experiential learning in the education sector

The advancement of augmented reality (AR) has allowed the education sector to benefit especially with ‘experiential learning’ which is making studying a fun process. AR can allow learners to interact with new learning applications and learn with real-life examples.

With AR, the educational institutions can easily design courses using simulation, visualization, and interaction with both, the virtual objects and real environments. AR is capable of eliminating the complexities in presenting concepts and allowing students to gain knowledge easily.

"AR can make the studying experience fun; in the commercial sector, surveys have found that consumers value AR products 33% higher than non-augmented reality products."- Juniper Research, 2017.

In this white paper, we will cover the following points:

  • Experiential learning with AR
  • Why AR is promising for educational institutions
  • Use Cases of AR in education

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