Bhagirath Pandya

Bhagirath Pandya

Enterprise Solutions Manager,

Softweb Solutions Inc.

Amit Giri

Amit Giri

Sr. Business Consultant,

Softweb Solutions Inc.

About Webinar

The manufacturing industry is changing at a breakneck pace with its configurable products landscape. With the advent of AR technology, manufacturing organizations can transform their sales and distribution processes.

As manufacturers are constantly required to deliver highly varied products, each with different specifications, their manufacturing-to-sales process becomes tedious and lengthy. To achieve a quick return on their investment goals, manufacturers require to improve the selling process of configurable products using AR product visualization.

An Augmented CPQ (configure, price, quote) is turning the tables by changing the way manufacturers connect and interact. It decodes complicated, customizable products to digital presence by adapting to the user’s needs in real-time, enabling them to reduce sales cycle while increasing quote productivity.

Join us for a webinar on AR product configurators where we will cover the following topics:

Webinar agenda

  • Why manufacturers should realize the importance of Augmented CPQ
  • Common challenges faced by manufacturers to close deals faster
  • Ways to streamline sales process using Augmented CPQ
  • Knowing the inside-out of the solution
  • Manufacturing-to-sales use cases
  • Demo
  • Q&A

Questions & Answers

The following are the answers to the questions that were asked during the live webinar.

Question 1: Can we integrate augmented product visualization with an existing third-party CPQ tool?

Answer 1: Absolutely! There are several benefits of using and maintaining the visualization as an integrated part of the CPQ tool. As long as your existing third-party provides API to communicate further, it is possible to integrate with Augmented CPQ solution. We can help you to find the best way to offer high-end integration to enhance your user experience.

Question 2: Can we represent products in real-world environments on client side?

Answer 2: Of course, it is possible to represent any sort of product, component, equipment or machinery in real environment with the help of augmented reality and 3D models.

Question 3: Does Augmented CPQ work on mobile devices?

Answer 3: Manufacturers should take advantage of mobile devices as they support augmented reality to a large extent that enhances buyer’s experience. Also, one thing you will need to consider is creating an adept mobile application design that is scalable. So, do work on it!

Question 4: Can we integrate with an existing Salesforce system?

Answer 4: Salesforce is an excellent platform as we know and yes, product visualization solution can be integrated with any Salesforce product for greater benefits. Be it Salesforce CRM, ERP, or CPQ.

To elaborate, there are two ways to include AR with Salesforce. One is through the use of SDK and the another is using a framework. Both ways are good to combine AR capabilities with Salesforce to get greater productivity.