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App Modernization Assessment workshop

Nowadays, for enterprises to thrive in this dynamic digital economy, it is crucial for them to keep their business legacy applications up-to-the-minute. Now, an enterprise has various applications, and to determine which systems need modernization and which ones needs to be discarded a pre-modernization assessment is needed. Softweb Solutions’ comprehensive application modernization assessment package helps companies to modernize their legacy infrastructure applications and enhance business productivity.

“By 2023, 90% of current applications will still be in use, but most will have received insufficient modernization investment.” – Gartner

How can app modernization assessment help

  • To improve the functionality of existing IT set up
  • To drive higher performance for legacy applications
  • To maintain critical business workflow efficiency
  • To penetrate the new market and improve customer engagement
  • To reduce the time-to-market products and services and more

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