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Anomaly detection for an automobile manufacturer

A global leader in the automotive industry wanted to ensure users’ safety and have a robust manufacturing process. They use a range of robots for assembly, welding, and other processes. It was difficult for the company to identify defects in the robots’ functioning and was concerned about the safety of the workers as well as the end customers.

“The early detection of faults in rotating machines can significantly enhance the safety, reliability, and economic issues of power systems.” – Researchgate

Softweb Solutions discussed the challenges with the business alliances of the client to thoroughly understand their processes and business approaches. We devised a solution that would not only ensure the client of seamless manufacturing but also help them enhance worker and user safety. With our anomaly detection solutions, the client is able to detect abnormalities in the processes carried out by robots and take preventive measures as and when an anomaly occurs.

Key features:

  • Unsupervised machine learning
  • Anomaly detection
  • Identifying outliers
  • Predictive maintenance

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