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iPad application for locating the Lesion

The client required an iPad application for students and medical professionals to show the basics of Neurologic localization and the functioning of human nervous system. He wanted to showcase the pathways between the brain and muscles.

“The number of U.S. iPad users is forecast to reach 80.9 million in 2018.” -Statista

We developed iPad application to assist the medical education professionals to understand the pathways of the human nervous system. The main objective of the app is to detect where the actual problem is and to know the real cause so that correct medical advice can be rendered by doctors and medical professionals.


  • Educational tool for medical students and professionals
  • Helps to understand the interactions of different human nervous system pathways
  • High quality and interactive images of nervous system
  • Helps the users detect the symptoms that causes pathways
  • Assists doctors in providing relevant advice

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