Anand Gandhi

Anand Gandhi

Subject matter expert,

Softweb Solutions, Inc.

Kruparth Thumar

Kruparth Thumar

AI consultant,

Softweb Solutions, Inc.

About Webinar

"The US has the earliest adoption of AI, with 38% of companies already using it, ahead of 11% in Asia and 9% in Western Europe. Of that 38% in the US, 77% of organizations said the technology is exceeding their expectations or they're already seeing returns on its use."
– IDC and DataRobot

So, what’s stopping you? Is it the availability of the right data, lack of computing power, the absence of a business case or something completely out of this world?

With the growing market of AI, the cost of computing power is decreasing and businesses are generating and getting easier access to lots of data. If you think that your business can benefit from any of the following;

  • Better planning and demand forecasting
  • Optimizing operations
  • Generating new revenue opportunities
  • Improving ability to produce goods and provide services at a lower cost
  • Enhancing product quality
  • Personalizing user experience

Then, artificial intelligence is a solution you must implement as soon as possible.

Are you still not convinced and are worried about the methods and skills required to implement AI into your business practices?

Leave your worries behind and join our AI and ML experts who will take you through each step of a successful AI implementation with numerous examples and a demo.

This webinar will also talk about the benefits of early AI adoption, and discuss a few business scenarios where AI can be used.


  • Characteristics of early AI adopters
  • Areas across the business chain where AI can create value
  • Essentials of successful AI transformations
  • AI use cases
  • AI – transforming digital revolution
  • Demo
  • AI workshop program