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Everything you need to know about chatbots powered by artificial intelligence

With the digital revolution, chatbots are moving ahead rapidly. Effective chatbots have demonstrated a deeper understanding of users and have allowed quick initiation of chatbots that result in quality user experience. Chatbots have even successfully embraced artificial intelligence (AI) and has created a wider reach of automation of the chatbot trend. Many industries are adopting chatbots for multiple purposes and leveraging automation in various areas of operations.

"66% of millennials (age 18-34) prefer to use chatbot for 24 hour service."- 2018 The State of Chatbots Report, Drift.

In this whitepaper you will learn everything about chatbots, including:

  • Conversational interfaces
  • Busting the myths about chatbots
  • Artificial Intelligence – The power behind smart chatbots
  • Subsets of AI (ML, DL, NLP, and Cognitive Services)
  • Why enterprises need chatbots?
  • Industry specific use cases

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