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Smart Retail – A Beacon based Proximity Marketing Solution for Retailers

A prominent chain of retail stores providing clothing apparels were seeing a decrease in revenues from the previous two calendar years. A decrease in footfall and conversion rates due to the rise of online commerce seemed to be a major reason.

With our newly developed proximity marketing solution, Smart Retail, we designed a solution unique to each store in order to engage customers and increase sales. Find out how the client is able to influence the customers during their shopping with customized offers and discounts to boost visibility and sales.

“Within the next five years, half of top multichannel retailers around the world will leverage smart technologies to transform existing capital-to-labor ratios.” – Gartner


  • Segment users into Groups
  • Setup Campaigns to target individual shoppers
  • Engage in two way Conversations
  • Geofence an area by creating Virtual Zones
  • Setup Beacons in the store near premier products
  • Analyze each campaign with detailed Insights

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