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IoT implementation do’s and don'ts

The Internet of Things is a technology that helps businesses to collect, store, and analyze data to derive useful insights. And these insights can be used to reorganize business processes by avoiding losses and achieving greater returns.

Experts in the industrial domain were doubtful about the success and importance of the IoT till sometime back. But, the way IoT has been implemented and helped businesses evolve in the last decade, the industry leaders have agreed that IoT implementation is significant for reshaping the industry.

"The installed base of Internet of Things connected devices and things is forecast to reach a figure between 6.6 billion and 30 billion by 2020 depending on the source and definition of what can be considered an IoT device/thing."- Statista

It’s true that the application of IoT is not completely new to the industry, but finding experts are still not easy. And to avoid hurdles, delays, and failure in the deployment, you must thoroughly understand all the factors associated with IoT implementation.

In this white paper, you will read about all the major factors that you must consider along with the ones that you must avoid for a successful IoT implementation, like:


  • Examine your business process and define your IoT goals
  • Employ an expert IoT team
  • Incorporate security in the design, and more.


  • Miss out on crucial details
  • Overlook large-scale IoT implementation challenges
  • Ignore risks for IoT data security, and more.

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