About Event

At Softweb Solutions, we have encountered numerous ways in which Internet of Things has changed from a tech buzzword to a reality that surrounds us. As IoT continues to spread across homes as well as enterprises, some industries have better opportunities to reap the benefits of IoT as compared to others.

In this event, we will introduce the attendees to IoT and IoT platforms while elaborating on the features and benefits that an ideal IoT platform can provide. Our experts will share their research on how IoT can be used in different industries along with discussing the industry specific use cases. The event will also allow attendees to get a glimpse of Softweb’s smart solutions and provide a guide on how to get started with IoT implementation.


  • IoT overview
  • Introduction to IoT platforms
  • IoTConnect – features and benefits
  • IoT use cases for various industries
    • -  IoT in manufacturing
    • -  IoT in healthcare
    • -  IoT in retail
  • Softweb smart solutions
  • Q&A session

Meet Our Representative

John Whitton

John Whitton

VP of US Market,

Softweb Solutions