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Vibhu Bhutani

Vibhu Bhutani

Chief Strategist,

Softweb Solutions

Chris Tyler

Chris Tyler

Sr. Cloud Architect and Cognitive Evangelist,


About Event

The growth of IoT adoption is indeed phenomenal and is predicted to encompass 30 Billion connected devices generating $7.1 Trillion of value by 2020. IBM Partners are making the most out of the Watson IoT platform to develop solutions faster with more cognitive capabilities which will distinguish their IoT applications in this competitive market.

In an event held earlier, the speakers discussed on why IoT needs Artificial Intelligence. Attend this event to know how you can get started quickly with the Watson IoT platform and make your applications smarter with the power of AI using the Watson Cognitive APIs. With AI capabilities such as Speech to Text, Text to Speech, Visual Recognition, and Natural Language Understanding you can derive data that is usually not visible to common computer systems.

In this session, we will show you how to develop smarter IoT applications using open technologies such as Node-RED and rapidly create solutions using Cognitive APIs. We will also demonstrate how data can easily be persisted for historical analysis, which will be the topic of a future session on monetizing IoT data with analytics.


  • Watson IoT Platform overview
  • Watson IoT case studies
  • Demo