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The concept of smart cities has taken the center stage, as everyone can now see how the Internet of Things has the potential to amalgamate with multi-layered solutions that are changing the face of many countries. Smart city technologies are attracting governments, citizens, and businesses equally to improve the city operations and make them more organized and efficient. Distribution of electricity, public surveillance, maintenance of utilities, billboards and signage, law enforcement, and deployment of emergency services are some of the many areas where IoT can contribute to make a city smarter.

During this event, our speakers will elaborate what an IoT-powered Smart City is and what are its components. Attendees will be introduced to our IoT platform and its capabilities to manage several IoT solutions to make a smarter city. The session will cover all the major concerns including smart infrastructure, smart street lighting, traffic and parking management, and waste management system.


  • Introduction to smart city solution
  • IoT platform for smart city
  • The need of a smart city
  • How smart city will impact various industry verticals
  • Q&A

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Kaushik Chauhan

Kaushik Chauhan

IoT Technology Architect,

Softweb Solutions