About Event

Have you ever tried voice commands on Siri? Commands like, “Siri, I am going to bed” and it locks the garage, doors, sets thermostat and dims the light. Then you might know what wonders artificial intelligence can bring to IoT.

Imagine, with the help of similar features, machines and instrument in a factory or field can function on their own. How helpful it will be, wouldn’t it? Softweb Solutions is about to share its knowledge on the business possibilities that can be leveraged by combining IoT with AI. The event will be focused on sharing the information on how industries like manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and construction can be benefited with the conjunction of technologies.

To elaborate extensively, the event will also be focusing on certain use cases that can help you understand the features and benefits you can avail when you combine AI with IoT.


  • Introduction to IoT & IIoT
  • Introduction to AI
  • AI meets IoT
  • Use cases
  • Q/A

Meet Our Representative

Kaushik Chauhan

Kaushik Chauhan

IoT Technology Architect,

Softweb Solutions