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How computer vision simplifies the most challenging facets of retail

In this comprehensive document, we delve into the impactful use cases of computer vision in the retail sector, exploring how this revolutionary technology elevates customer engagement, optimizes operations, and positions businesses at the forefront of industry innovation. Welcome to the future of retail, where precision meets personalization, and businesses thrive in the era of intelligent commerce.

The retail companies are leveraging artificial intelligence globally. According to a 2023 survey in the United States and the EMEA region, almost 40% of retail directors reported utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision (CV), and machine vision (MV) in specific operations and departments.

Explore the following use cases

  • Shelf management optimization
  • Image recognition in retail
  • Store layout improvement via retail heat maps
  • Self-checkout and cashier less stores in retail
  • Virtual mirrors and recommendation engines
  • Barcode scanning smartphone apps in retail
  • Footfall analysis, pass-by traffic, & interaction apps
  • In-store advertisement application
  • Computer vision AI-based loss prevention app
  • Customer support on demand

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